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HighScope Infant-Toddler Curriculum

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HighScope Preschool Curriculum

Approaches to Learning
Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development and Health
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At the Incredible Kids Learning Center, we operate on the premise that when you provide your child with a solid educational support system today, you enable your son or daughter to become something incredible tomorrow. IKLC adheres to this maxim by ensuring that the following four educational objectives are met:

Pathway to Early Academic Excellence

  • Creates fun and exciting opportunities for advancement in reading, mathematics, writing, public speaking and visual arts
  • Maximizes language potential by having children become fluent in more than one language: Spanish and French
  • Individualized Educational Plans
  • Uniquely designed curriculum

Empowerment & Exploration

  • Fosters a climate where ideas are freely exchanged and further explored
  • Heightens confidence, builds self esteem, and socialization skills
  • Positive development & utilization of newly acquired skills to navigate the world around them
  • Creates educational opportunities for individualized empowerment

Highly Skilled Staff & Collaboration

  • Certified in child care development
  • Teachers specializing in the program's core avenues
  • "Collaborative Partnership" between the teacher and the parent
  • One-on-one care for Infants and Toddlers
  • Monthly parenting progress meetings and workshops with guest speakers(i.e. healthcare specialist, educational advisors, family therapist, etc)
  • Small teacher to student ratio

Family Development and Socialization - The 1st of its Kind

  • The Buddy System - socialization skills are enhanced by having children work in teams on special projects together on a monthly basis. This helps children "break-out-of their-shell" and become more confident when working with others and when speaking in public arenas.
  • Family Portrait Time - "Seize the Moment" -children develop rather quickly. Unfortunately, many parents who work and/or attend specialized training programs, tend to miss out on a lot of opportunities with their children. IKLC strengthens the family unit by offering a professional photo opportunity where both parent and child come together for an exclusive bonding session.

Learning isn't a chore. It's an experience.

See for yourself why Incredible Kids Learning Center is the right choice.